Weak-Current Electrical Engineering

Aerial Distribution

It includes a complete service from a draft design and necessary measuring to the final realization STA , STA/SAT , STA/SAT/DIGITAL.

Intercom Distribution

The installation of these devices is carried out in cooperation with leading domestic as well as foreign suppliers. The activity includes the installation of both audio and video systems.

Automatic Drives

are designed and realized in cooperation with the reputable manufacturers BFT, Ducati, Genius, etc. The deliveries also include a complete delivery of locksmith components.

Systems of Electronic Security of Premises

Our company offers installing and projecting the security system of premises ranging from small systems with a simple central control panel, extensive addressable systems with addressing to individual sensors to complex building control systems for all the security categories. A delivery may include also connecting to the alarm receiving centers of the Police of the Czech Republic or security agencies. It is only natural that we offer post-warranty service. Another activity is an offer and implementation of a closed circuit television intended for monitoring required areas and premises.

Entrance Monitoring Systems

can be installed separately or as a complement to the electronic security system. The principal function of these systems is automatic opening of doors and checking entry authorizations for particular persons based on their identification by magnetic or contactless cards and monitoring these entries. The systems can serve for checking the employee attendance records or monitoring other important flows of information.

Electronic Fire Alarm Signaling

We project and install the systems ranging from the simplest to sophisticated systems with a compound mode of guarding and intelligent addressable annunciators. We provide fire alarm signaling. We offer connecting to the alarm receiving centre of the fire squad. We provide the past-warranty service of this equipment.

Sound and Information Systems

We offer a delivery and installation of information and broadcasting devices for inside as well as outside space. We ensure reconstruction of these devices including distributions.


The company offers switchboards of the standard type series RM-RP-OR / design OCEP plastic / up to 1000 A. The offer is extended with switchboards at customer´s request ranging from elaborating the project to the final manufacture. These products bear the ESČ mark.


The business activity of the company is based on the following activities:
sale of wiring material
lighting units

Core-drilling of Passages

We can realize the passages ranging from small diameters up to 250 mm, from simple material to reinforced concrete structures.

Bulkheads and Passages

In the field of bulkheads the company cooperates with the company Hilti as an authorized installation division. It is a linkage of an installation establishment with a reputable supplier of the material including ensuring the necessary documents.