The company was established in 1992 and technically, it has been continuing in the activity in the field of wiring systems, maintenance, trade and service of the customer network of the enterprise TOZ Klatovy. Till December 4, 2006 the business model and development was kept as a trading company employing approx. 7 employees. In the course of time the company has been brought to the attention of a broad spectrum of customers in our region as well as in the whole country. In this period stress is put on training, personal development and developing of self-reliance of individual workers. An important aspect of development is making use of new advanced technologies considering the material and technical equipment of the top level.

These goals are implemented gradually and in the market the company starts to attract attention of many customers in our region as well as throughout the whole country. Since January 1, the ELEKTRO KT GROUP s.r.o. has joined and smoothly continued in the activities and experience. Participation in important extensive orders is the culmination and partially making good use of many-year company activity. En example is the football stadium Slávia Praha Vršovice which is the most important order. Currently the company employs 14 employees and many external co-workers participating in satisfaction of demanding requirements of customers.

We introduce new top technologies and form a positive attitude of people to the technical progress. We provide the complex services, i.e. project – installation – service. We ensure the close social support to our employees and an opportunity to fully develop their abilities. We are particular about the team work, friendly relationships, and sufficient motivation. The profit is redistributed and primarily used for obtaining know-how, improving qualification, modernization of the technical equipment, and the social program.

The relationships with the customers are built on the pillars of personal relationships, friendship, and trust with the effort to minimize the input costs. We try to avoid disagreements. We prefer Czech manufacturers, primarily regional suppliers.

We are particular about the input cost minimization, saving of material, energy and human resources. We support sponsorship of the projects focusing on development of the region, education, culture, sports, and charity. By means of our activity we contribute to increase of the living standard of all the society. We direct the price policy to a reasonable profit formation which will ensure the sufficient stability of the company at the market and allows for further development so that the company could be a strong and reliable partner to its customers. We promise to keep pace with the technical progress and to increase quality, the professional standard and the company culture.